Netsh Helper DLL

Unhook EDR hooks in ntdll.dll on the target system then ingress an agent configuration file and agent DLL. Store a custom key in the registry then install a Netsh helper DLL. The helper DLL uses SysWhispers to perform direct system calls to NtCreateThreadEx against the stored registry key entry.
Authors:khyberspache, nicholas spagnola (@makosec), mantvydas baranauskas (@spotheplanet), oddvar moe @oddvarmoe, freddie barr-smith, riccardo spolaor, mariano graziano, xabier ugarte-pedrero

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Unhook ntdll.dll EDR hooks via remapping
Create specific registry key in HKLM
Stage agent configuration file
Ingress Pneuma DLL with exported LaunchPneuma function
Netsh helper dll persistence


kaseya vsa attack