Windows LotL Ransomware

Discover the current users home directory. Generate a random password string. Use 7zip zip tool to recursively zip the discovered folder into a password-protected archive. Drop and open a ransom note.

TTP Tuesday: Ransomware (Release 2)

Windows Ransomware using Live off the Land (LotL) Tools

Theme Overview

Our current theme is ransomware, focusing on scenarios where threats use live off the land (LotL) binaries and custom payloads to accomplish their objectives. The ransomware theme will contain the following kill-chains:

1. Linux Ransomware using Live off the Land (LotL) Tools
2. Windows Ransomware using Live off the Land (LotL) Tools (Current Release)
3. Linux Ransomware using Custom Tools
4. Windows Ransomware using Custom Tools

Windows Ransomware using Live off the Land (LotL) Tools

This week's kill chain focuses on using Windows 10 PowerShell commands with the assistance of 7zip in order to perform a ransomware attack. We discover the current user's home directory and recursively compress it with the zip binary and a randomly generated password. The inclusion of 7zip is required as currently Windows does not natively support encrypting archive files or folders using a password. The inclusion of 7zip also requires a PowerShell script to perform the zip and password protection. PowerShell does not support the running of ps1 files without first setting set-executionpolicy remotesigned in a PowerShell administrator window.

Watch a demonstration: Windows LotL Ransomware

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