Conti Collect and Exfiltrate

Enumerate the users home directory then attempt to dump hashes via Kerberoasting and AS-REProasting. Ingress then exfiltrate data using Rclone.

TTP Tuesday: Conti (Release 5)

Data collection and exfiltration

Theme Overview

We're releasing the fifth release of our Conti ransomware theme with new TTPs focused on data collection and exfiltration. To date, our Conti theme now contains the following kill-chains:

1. Recon and Initial Access
2. Local and Remote Discovery
3. Gain privileges and persist
4. Move to remote systems
5. Data collection and exfiltration (Current Release)
6. Deploy ransomware

Data Collection and Exfiltration

This chain performs collection and exfiltration. First we enumerate the users home directory then attempt to dump hashes via Kerberoasting and AS-REProasting. Once we have target data, the ingress and configure Rclone to work with an ephemeral Mega account then automatically exfiltrate to a Data folder in Mega.

Watch a demonstration: Conti Collect & Exfiltrate

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Get user's home directory
Configure rclone Mega credentials
Dump account hashes using AS-REP roasting
Dump hashes for kerberoastable accounts to disk
Exfil data with RClone


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