Boot or Logon Autostart Execution (T1547)

Adversaries may configure system settings to automatically execute a program during system boot or logon to maintain persistence or gain higher-level privileges on compromised systems. Operating systems may have mechanisms for automatically running a program on system boot or account logon.(Citation: Microsoft Run Key)(Citation: MSDN Authentication Packages)(Citation: Microsoft TimeProvider)(Citation: Cylance Reg Persistence Sept 2013)(Citation: Linux Kernel Programming) These mechanisms may include automatically executing programs that are placed in specially designated directories or are referenced by repositories that store configuration information, such as the Windows Registry. An adversary may achieve the same goal by modifying or extending features of the kernel. Since some boot or logon autostart programs run with higher privileges, an adversary may leverage these to elevate privileges.

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Is my host protected against SSP abuse?


Abusing Windows Security Support Provider (SSP) and Authentication Packages (AP) in the form of DLLs that are injected into the LSASS.exe process on system boot.
APT38 WannaCry


Perform lateral movement using EternalBlue and DoublePulsar exploits.
APT38 Sony Hack


A Prelude portrayal of the 2014 hack on Sony attributed to APT38.
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Emulating APT40's malware persistence techniques.
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Emulating Cozy Bear's 2016 Democratic National Committee hack.