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Execute startup folder persistence
Sets credentials for a headless RDP session to spawn triggering startup folder persistence. /static/assets/windows-logo.svg


Copy agent over SMB
Server Message Block (SMB) can be used to make file systems and resources available to other systems in network environments. This ability mounts a remote network share and copies an agent file to that directory on the remote system. /static/assets/windows-logo.svg


Run remote command using PsExec
Using compiled psexec to achieve remote code execution using the service execution methods. /static/assets/windows-logo.svg


Conti agent lateral movement
This will use WMIC to move the agent on current compermised host to user defined target host. /static/assets/windows-logo.svg


Run an elevated Pneuma instance using CVE-2019-14287
A problem in the way sudo implemented executing commands with arbitrary user IDs was discovered. If a sudoers item is created to let the attacker to perform a command as any user other than root, the attacker can use this issue to circumvent that restriction. In this TTP we exploit this vulnerability to run an elevated Pneuma instance. /static/assets/terminal-logo.svg


PowerSploit Named-Pipe Impersonation
A named pipe is a named, one-way or duplex pipe for communication between the pipe server and one or more pipe clients. Named pipes can be used to provide communication between processes on the same computer or between processes on different computers across a network. This procedure uses PowerSploit to conduct a named-pipe impersonation. /static/assets/windows-logo.svg


Compile malicious binary using vulnerable SUID
After identifying SUID binaries, we are able to compile and modify permissions of the binary to allow it to execute as root. /static/assets/linux-logo.svg


UAC Bypass via Backup Utility
Modify registry values of sdclt to bypass User Account Control (UAC) via auto-elevation. /static/assets/windows-logo.svg


Is my Kubernetes pod protected against host mounting?
In privileged mode, Kubernetes pods can mount the host filesystem and may be subject to container escape. This chain attempts to mount the host filesystem to test whether the host is vulnerable to a container escape. It is critical that pods are not able to mount the host filesystem, as attackers may create persistence by altering mounted files, elevating privileges, and escaping the container. /static/assets/linux-logo.svg


Exploit ZeroLogon vulnerability to gain Domain Admin
Stages and executes Mimikatz's ZeroLogon module to gain domain admin./static/assets/windows-logo.svg


Spawn elevated Pneuma via UAC prompt
Use UAC prompt to Spawn an elevated PneumaEX session./static/assets/windows-logo.svg


Exploit PrintNightmare vulnerability to add local administrator
Stages and executes Invoke-Nightmare used by Conti to gain local admin./static/assets/windows-logo.svg


Escape Docker container using Docker socket
The docker.sock UNIX socket is used by the Docker daemon for the acessing the Docker API. This TTP determines if a Docker socket escape via docker.sock is possible. An attacker may be able to escape the container if the Docker socket is mounted in it. /static/assets/terminal-logo.svg


Set registry value for Wsreset
Set registry value at HKCU\Software\Classes\AppX82a6gwre4fdg3bt635tn5ctqjf8msdd2\Shell\open\command to run something elevated using wsreset.exe. /static/assets/windows-logo.svg


Spawn elevated Pneuma via CVE-2021-33909 (Sequoia)
Spawn a beacon using the (Sequoia) identified in CVE-2021-3156. fs/seq_file.c in the Linux kernel 3.16 through 5.13.x before 5.13.4 does not properly restrict seq buffer allocations, leading to an integer overflow, an Out-of-bounds Write, and escalation to root by an unprivileged user, aka CID-8cae8cd89f05. You need 1 million free inodes available in the directory where you execute the exploit payload. Using the home directory yields highest probability of success./static/assets/linux-logo.svg


Spawn elevated Pneuma and relocate agent binary
We execute pneuma agent as root and move it's location to /bin/pneuma to prepare for persistence. /static/assets/linux-logo.svg


Is this host vulnerable to privilege escalation through an unprotected Docker daemon?
Utilizing Docker via unprotected tcp socket (2375/tcp, maybe 2376/tcp with tls but without tls-auth), an attacker can create a docker container with the '/' path mounted with read/write permissions on the host server that is running the docker container and use chroot to escape the container-jail. This TTP mounts the hosts root directory inside the container's /mnt directory and runs schism as root on the host machine. /static/assets/linux-logo.svg


Escalate a binary with Wsreset
Used to reset Windows Store settings according to its manifest file. Modify the default registry value at HKCU\Software\Classes\AppX82a6gwre4fdg3bt635tn5ctqjf8msdd2\Shell\open\command to run something elevated. /static/assets/windows-logo.svg


Spawn agent using Event Viewer UAC Bypass
During startup, eventvwr.exe checks the registry value HKCU\Software\Classes\mscfile\shell\open\command for the location of mmc.exe, which is used to open the eventvwr.msc saved console file. If the location of another binary or script is added to this registry value, it will be executed as a high-integrity process without a UAC prompt being displayed to the user. /static/assets/windows-logo.svg


Spawn root agent
Start a new agent as the root user/static/assets/apple-logo.svg


Take ownership of docker containers
If the current user context has write permissions to the docker.sock unix socket file, we are able to take complete ownership of all dockers running on the system and perform arbitrary docker daemon/CLI commands against all containers. This is accomplished by creating a new docker container, passing in the docker.sock file descriptor, then installing dockerd inside the container. From there we can run docker commands in any container. /static/assets/linux-logo.svg


Is my Docker container vulnerable to host filesystem mounting?
Containers that can mount the host filesystem may be vulnerable to a container escape. This TTP attempts to mount the host filesystem and identify a root directory. It is important that containers cannot mount the host filesystem, as adversaries may establish persistence by modifying mounted files, elevate privileges, and escape the container. /static/assets/linux-logo.svg


Stage mobile device backup
Perform a full mobile device back-up to a file and stage it in a directory./static/assets/android-logo.svg