Simple and safe real-world attack chains that make threat intelligence actionable.

Every week, the Prelude team designs, builds and chains together TTPs. These chains, which mimic real-world cyberattacks, can be safely used to test your internal defenses. These chains are all usable in Prelude Operator. Download for free.
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Recent Chains

Is this host protected from LockBit?


Is this host protected from LockBit?
Is my Kubernetes pod protected against host mounting?


Escape Kubernetes Pod via host filesystem mounting.
Is CVE-2022-36804 patched on Atlassian Bitbucket Server?


A TTP that exploits CVE-2022-36804 in Atlassian Bitbucket Server.
Is my Docker daemon vulnerable to privilege escalation?


Privilege escalation through exposed Docker daemon.
Is my Docker container vulnerable to cgroup controller escapes?


Escape Docker container via cgroup controller.
Is my Docker container vulnerable to host filesystem mounting?


Escape Docker container by mounting host filesystem.
Is my Docker container vulnerable to a Docker socket escape?


Escape a Docker container that has the Docker socket mounted.
Is CVE-2022-35914 patched on this host?


A TTP that exploits CVE-2022-35914 in GLPI HTMLAWED
Is Atlassian Bitbucket Server or Data Center patched against CVE-2022-36804?


Atlassian Bitbucker Server and Data Center code injection vulnerability